Dreaming Big Small

Or why self sustainability, minimalism and back-to-the-roots bring me satisfaction

Yesterday I helped a friend moving his office from one place to another, the move itself was finished quickly as he didn’t have any furniture that needed to be hauled. He is an architect and whenever we look at his or others’ projects I start a little bit of day dreaming. Big houses don’t intrigue me, whereas the idea of limiting the size of your house and still having all the essential components is fascinating to me. It was this article about a couple that decided to built a 704square feet home and use the spare time they got from having a tiny house on things they love doing that made me realize that I don’t want any more than that.
Not only are we both interested in architecture, but he loves Africa as much as I do (or almost 🙂 ). We often share stories from adventures we’ve experienced in Africa or elsewhere and no matter what the story is about or where it occurred, it always comes down to the fact that the greatest feelings, the best experiences, the ultimate memories were made when life was simplest.


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A Thought on The Debate of Hunting Endangered Animals

First of, this is my personal view on a topic that’s been on the news more recently the last couple months; some of you might have a different opinion. I love animals and I’m (slowly) becoming vegan – nonetheless I am not opposed to hunting big game.


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Biography #2 – From A Runners Perspective

 Or: What brings you joy?


One thing I love about being in the military is the fact that you can do sports whenever you want (unless there’s something that needs to be done immediately). And I love sports – well, not too much soccer, but I love running. When I was in high school I wasn’t really sporty and actually I don’t know how my attitude towards physical activity changed, but it did over time. In the US I started going to the gym on a daily basis to balance out the intense college learning. I’m not a big fan of working out anymore, you’ll see me in the gym maybe twice a week; however, I love running.

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