Golden Fall Weekend

I haven’t been posting for way too long. First I never really knew what to write about and second I thought that there ain’t anything special going on in my life that’s worth sharing. Well, at least the second point was wrong – there’s always something going that’s worth talking about; it’s not about the big events, but rather the small stuff (I think I mentioned that before already).

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Last month I decided to rent a flat in a nice residential area in Hamburg; I was excited as I felt that it would give me more freedom and independence, but I was also insecure about how to decorate it. I could never just buy furniture at the big stores (eg. IKEA) and make that my home; I wanted it to be more personal. I didn’t get this far – I got some nice things like a bed and table with chairs and an area rug, but then moved out (or at least cancelled the lease) after sleeping in it for one night. It made me anxious; I didn’t know what to do with myself at that place when on vacation – next week I’m off and knowing that I’d be “stuck at my place” made me really uncomfortable. So I told the landlord that I’m gonna move out again. This made me feel better; not only do I safe a lot of money each month, but it also gives me the freedom to go wherever I want to and do whatever I want to. Nonetheless I do want to have my own place (decorating and baking cookies for Xmas sounds fabulous), but it wasn’t the right place, the right town…
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Double Workout: Mountain Biking and Sprint Training

Yesterday after work I went to the gym with my buddies – we’re a group of four and make it to the gym two to three times a week. The good thing about not going alone is that there’s always at least one who’s motivated enough and drags the others with him; it usually ain’t me as I’m more of an endurance typ, but still enjoy the gym once I’m there. So after our usual workout (Mondays are shoulder days) I kinda felt the desire to go for a short run. My knee didn’t hurt for weeks and the latest Runner’s World arrived this weekend. In this month’s issue was a flyer for the Zugspitz Challenge Trail Run which I really want to attend – a really challenging trail run (hence the name). I still have three months until then, but giving my pain-free knee maybe I can attend a couple more shorter runs this year and slowly build up on that?!


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Be Happy – Every Single Day

This post is not about running, wildlife or anything like that, it’s not even about a walk through the scenic park of the city. It is simply about a “regular Sunday” and all the little things today which made me smile. I’m not quite sure if it’s scientifically proven whether laughing is healthy or not, but it sure lifts your mood. And mine is pretty good today despite the grey clouds that have been hanging over the hills all weekend.
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This time of the year you’ll read so many posts about habits people want to get rid of starting January 1st, new habits they want to embed in their lives and so on. Well, let’s be honest – how many of those New Year’s pledges are being thrown over as 2015 passes by, or even in January already?
Anyhow, without resolutions and good intentions we’d be achieving even less. It needs a determined mind to chase dreams over such a long time (365 days are a long time), but New Year’s resolutions? That’s even harder – the name says it already, a resolutions comes with conditions and even though they’re being put up by ourselves they can feel like a burden. Continue reading

Spontaneous Surfing Trip – Part 1: Spain

As some of you may know we had one of the most amazing summers here in Germany so far; a lot of sun and no rain. So when I was planning my vacation two months ago I thought it might be nice to stay in my home country and enjoy the warm temperatures while hiking some peaks of the northern Alps. I booked a train ticket and accommodation in some mountain huts in the Karwendel region, bought some lighter hiking boots (the military boots are great, but heavy) and a rain jacket (just in case).
Fast-forward to a little over three weeks ago: Tropic-like weather in northern Germany, but rain and thunderstorms in the Alps with temperatures in the 60s … Well, that’s not how I imagined my summer vacation… I could definitely make use of the rain jacket I just bought, but I could just skip on that as well.

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Dreaming Big Small

Or why self sustainability, minimalism and back-to-the-roots bring me satisfaction

Yesterday I helped a friend moving his office from one place to another, the move itself was finished quickly as he didn’t have any furniture that needed to be hauled. He is an architect and whenever we look at his or others’ projects I start a little bit of day dreaming. Big houses don’t intrigue me, whereas the idea of limiting the size of your house and still having all the essential components is fascinating to me. It was this article about a couple that decided to built a 704square feet home and use the spare time they got from having a tiny house on things they love doing that made me realize that I don’t want any more than that.
Not only are we both interested in architecture, but he loves Africa as much as I do (or almost 🙂 ). We often share stories from adventures we’ve experienced in Africa or elsewhere and no matter what the story is about or where it occurred, it always comes down to the fact that the greatest feelings, the best experiences, the ultimate memories were made when life was simplest.


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A Quick Sunday Bicycle Tour

The forecast was right, we didn’t have to wait long for the rain to come back. So after all the work was finished I grabbed my mom’s bicycle and dog Greta to go for a short ride. Initially I wanted to go running again – my new trail runners arrived – but I have an open wound on my kneel which makes walking very painful, not to mention running. Riding the bike was almost as fun – I prefer running over biking and that’s the one thing that’s stopping me from a triathlon 🙂 – and gentle on my feet.


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Biography #2 – From A Runners Perspective

 Or: What brings you joy?


One thing I love about being in the military is the fact that you can do sports whenever you want (unless there’s something that needs to be done immediately). And I love sports – well, not too much soccer, but I love running. When I was in high school I wasn’t really sporty and actually I don’t know how my attitude towards physical activity changed, but it did over time. In the US I started going to the gym on a daily basis to balance out the intense college learning. I’m not a big fan of working out anymore, you’ll see me in the gym maybe twice a week; however, I love running.

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#1 – A Short Story of Nearly Everything (About Me)

So here I’m sitting in the kitchen after a delicious Sunday family dinner thinking: What should I write about. Last night I created the blog Subliminal Wild and this’ll be my very first own blog post – I’ve been translating articles for my mom’s blog since she started blogging in September last year, but writing down your own thoughts, memories, feelings and experiences is a whole other story.
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