On Top Of (My) World

The First Snowy Saturday In The Central German Mountains

Yesterday the temperatures finally dropped and heavy storms pushed the clouds away from us after what felt like weeks of pouring rain (it was actually only raining for a few days, but the amount of water was ridiculous). I wished I could spend the weekend in the Alps, but it’s simply too far, so instead I decided to to drive to the Harz  – a low mountain range in northern/central Germany.


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What Is Wrong With Our Society

Because writing down your thoughts helps – A few thoughts about Paris, Syria and everything else

I actually don’t know what to write or how to start, but I feel like I have to say something as well. When I heard the news this morning my initial thought was why the French again?! The attack on the French satirical magazine happened only ten months ago and last night one of the worst terrorist attacks in late European history occurred.
It seems like those assaults are accumulating within the last few years, but somehow they’ve been part of most (every) country’s history to some degree – the RAF in Germany, ETA in Spain, and so on.
I felt overwhelmed by the dimensions and the fear that there’s nothing we can do about – is there nothing we can do about it?

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Because there ain’t no better English word for it

IMG_0163There are some German words in the English language that are being used untranslated: Gemütlichkeit, Hefeweizen, Sauerkraut and Hüttenurlaub – or at least it should be one of those words. While it’s probably hard to find an equivalent English word for Doppelgänger one might find one for Hüttenurlaub: Alp (Inn) vacation…. But this is where the Gemütlichkeit comes into play: Staying in one of those chalets in the Alps is gemütlich and not just some kind of vacation. In the summer time folks from the cities close to the Alps hike up the mountains and stay in those chalets for a couple nights; mountaineers use them as base camps for tours to the peaks, families take their kids to have some back-to-the-roots time and others just do day hikes to a Hütte and enjoy the delicious, local Bavarian/Austrian/South Tyrol cuisine: spinach/bacon dumplings with Sauerkraut, Kaiserschmarrn or simply an ice cold Hefeweizen.

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