Double Workout: Mountain Biking and Sprint Training

Yesterday after work I went to the gym with my buddies – we’re a group of four and make it to the gym two to three times a week. The good thing about not going alone is that there’s always at least one who’s motivated enough and drags the others with him; it usually ain’t me as I’m more of an endurance typ, but still enjoy the gym once I’m there. So after our usual workout (Mondays are shoulder days) I kinda felt the desire to go for a short run. My knee didn’t hurt for weeks and the latest Runner’s World arrived this weekend. In this month’s issue was a flyer for the Zugspitz Challenge Trail Run which I really want to attend – a really challenging trail run (hence the name). I still have three months until then, but giving my pain-free knee maybe I can attend a couple more shorter runs this year and slowly build up on that?!


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Be Happy – Every Single Day

This post is not about running, wildlife or anything like that, it’s not even about a walk through the scenic park of the city. It is simply about a “regular Sunday” and all the little things today which made me smile. I’m not quite sure if it’s scientifically proven whether laughing is healthy or not, but it sure lifts your mood. And mine is pretty good today despite the grey clouds that have been hanging over the hills all weekend.
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