Spontaneous Surfing Trip – Part 1: Spain

As some of you may know we had one of the most amazing summers here in Germany so far; a lot of sun and no rain. So when I was planning my vacation two months ago I thought it might be nice to stay in my home country and enjoy the warm temperatures while hiking some peaks of the northern Alps. I booked a train ticket and accommodation in some mountain huts in the Karwendel region, bought some lighter hiking boots (the military boots are great, but heavy) and a rain jacket (just in case).
Fast-forward to a little over three weeks ago: Tropic-like weather in northern Germany, but rain and thunderstorms in the Alps with temperatures in the 60s … Well, that’s not how I imagined my summer vacation… I could definitely make use of the rain jacket I just bought, but I could just skip on that as well.

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Ecosia – The Search Engine That Plants Trees

I am a Google addict – I love Chrome with all the extensions, Gmail, and all the other applications – and I’m no big fan of Bing (you either use Google or Bing, but not both – right?). Now I stumbled across this search engine and  thought to myself: Why not give it a try.


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