A day spent in the woods

For the last couple of weeks my training, both running and biking, has improved and with that my mood lifted, despite the gray and cold November weather. Even the early sunset and long, dark nights didn’t bother me too much.
Until the beginning of this week when I was catching a cold; I guess it was only a matter of time since everyone around me at work was laughing and sneezing for days. On Monday I was still lucky to squeeze in a 12k run during work, but it was cold and stormy and I was running without a hat. So it was no surprise when I woke up the next morning with a hot face and shivering body… Continue reading


Being Vegan, Finding Motivation, Living Purposefully and Being Grateful for What We Have

I’ve been on a vegan diet for more or less two years, but I never really followed the diet too strictly. Why? Because it didn’t resonate with me entirely. I felt like being vegan puts you in a category I wouldn’t wanna belong in. Of course I know that it’s the best and only way, not only for the animals and the planet, but for my body as well. And I am following the vegan movement that’s growing all over the world, but especially in the US. People like Rich Roll, Jeff Morgan and countless others are promoting this lifestyle successfully, there are more and more vegan restaurants, cafés, supermarkets, and even gyms popping up all around….

… and I am stuck. Due to my work (I’m in the military) I live in the middle of nowhere, roughly one hour from the next big city and all of this seems to be only accessible via the internet. In this clip, Nimai Delgado, a vegan bodybuilder from L.A., shows how he finds motivation – motivation for the day, motivation to follow his dreams – and it all seems so easy seeing him running through L.A. in the early morning hours.

But I am stuck. Yes, I can wake up an hour early as well and go for a run before heading to work, but it just doesn’t feel like I’m part of something.
Tho I wanna be part of it.

I want to change not only my body by sticking to a clean, whole foods, plant-based diet.
I want to change how others think about being vegan.
I want to be part of it.
I want to matter.

But how, if no one is listening?
But how, if no one cares?
But how, if I’m here and not elsewhere?

Back from vacation and enjoying a late summer trailrun in the Lüneburger Heath

Last month I spent some time in Austria – for the first time I went to the Steiermark region for one week of whitewater kayaking (I’ll be sharing that trip with you next week or so). After six hard days in ice-cold water I continued west to finally participate in the Karwendelmarsch – a 52km run with 2400m elevation gain through the Karwendel region in Austria. IMG_20170903_114734 Kopie
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Never stop exploring: No need to travel far to find beauty

After discovering new places nearby home on bike this Friday, I decided it was time for another bike tour, but this time going in the opposite direction. I always wanted to go to Eschede, but for some reason I always turned around before getting there. For today’s bike tour this was my goal so I followed a route southbound through the woods and heathland which I know pretty well. Unlike Friday, there were quite a few other bikers enjoying the sunshine.


Those rocks were placed like this during the last ice age.

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Exploring new terrain on the bike

I got off work at noon today and once I arrived at home the sun was shining – what better way to start the weekend after having a rather wet and cold summer thus far. When I got out of the car I saw my neighbor cleaning his bike; this must have been a sign, because my bike has been sitting in the shed all dusty and sandy for a few weeks already. But just cleaning without making it even dirtier before? No way!


The “Fassberg” – a stunning 94m (308ft) above sea level

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Juice Cleansing – a short-term experiment

Recently I’ve been reading more about how beneficial a raw diet is to your body. Watching documentaries like RAW – The Documentary which accompanies the Australien couple Janette and Alan breaking a world record of running 366 consecutive marathons barefoot around Australia on an entirely raw diet after Janette was diagnosed with and overcame cancer, showed me that anything is possible with a raw diet.

I decided that a three day juice cleanse would be the ideal start to change my diet towards a more raw one. Even though I knew how difficult it’d be for me – I love eating and just being limited to a few homemade (green) juices a day plus herbal teas and water was pretty scary to think about – I wanted to give it a try.IMG_4434 2 Continue reading

Zugspitz Ultratrail – My Personal Summary

I love to run. It’s that simple. But lately I’ve been losing some of my passion, running (especially the road runs with a running group) felt like a chore and more often I caught myself running my usual routes without mindfully experiencing the nature around me. Consequently, I haven’t been running as much as I should have to be well prepared for the 63km trailrun with 3000m elevation gain; the Salomon Zugspitz Ultratrail.
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